Links to Sonoma County Zoning and Ordinances

Diamond A properties are regulated by our County Scenic Resources Combining District and the Sonoma County zoning laws. So, before you paint or put up or replace your fence;  before you add a lot of expensive outside lighting; before you decide to regularly rent out your guest cottage, and definitely before you add onto your house or dig that swimming pool, consider these Sonoma County links to various regulations:

Sonoma County website, Click Here

Zoning Code Regulations, Click Here

Rural Residential District Click Here

Scenic Resources Combining District Click Here

Design Review Approval Click Here

Taylor/Sonoma/Mayacamas Mountains Design Guidelines -
     scroll down to the paragraph entitled, "Sec. 26-90-120" Click Here          

Fencing Click Here

Second Dwelling Unit Click Here

Vacation Rentals Click Here

Fireworks (see page 60) Click Here

Sonoma County Fire Codes Click Here

Cal Fire Click Here

Special Fire Prevention Fee Click Here

     (to be billed in November 2012)

To protest this new fire tax Click Here

To report an illegal dumping of trash along a road, Click Here

To report a road problem, call the Sonoma County Road Maintenance Division at 707-565-5100