Architectural Review Committee (ARC)


ARC Committee Contact:

Tom Jones
707 695 5712
Members of the ARC Committee are:
      Mark Hannon
      Tom Jones
      Mark Pierce

For information about applicable County Codes: PRMD: 707 565 1900
For concerns about a vacation rental in Diamond A: 707 565 1904
For concerns about other potential code violations: 707 565 3391
For reports of "disturbance of the peace": 707 565 2121

General Information

The Diamond A Neighborhood Association has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC). The objective of the ARC is to help all residents comply with applicable CC&R’s and County regulations. This committee should be consulted before any improvements of your property are initiated. The ARC is able to work with Diamond A residents to facilitate obtaining proper permits from Sonoma County PRMD (Permit and Resource Management Department).

All structures in the Diamond A Ranch Estates subdivision are subject to the established Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CCRs) for each respective unit.  Although the specific restrictions for each unit vary slightly, the following guidelines apply to all areas:

  1. No building, structure, or fence shall be placed upon a property until the plans and specifications have been submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).
  2. The ARC is expected to respond in writing within 30 days after submission of the plans.
  3. Planned alterations as well as new structures are expected to be "in harmony" with existing structures within the particular Diamond A Ranch Estate unit.
  4. Residences, outbuildings, pools, and fences must be sited to avoid encroaching on existing easements.
  5. Fencing should be in compliance with county regulations for setbacks, which depend on fence location and height.  Fences should not encroach on equestrian easements or roadway easements
  6. Additional details about height of structures as well as placement of structures on parcels can be reviewed in the CCRs for each unit
  7. All additions as well as all new structures must comply with the Taylor Sonoma Mayacamas Scenic Guidelines
  8. Highlights of the Guidelines include:
    1. Exterior lighting should be downward facing, fully shielded, and located at the lowest possible point to the ground to prevent glare and light pollution.
    2. All structures should be "substantially screened when viewed from public roads.."
    3. Existing vegetation or existing topographical featured should be utilized to screen site development
    4. Additional vegetation to further shield structures should be either indigenous or of a similar character and must be of sufficient size and density to screen the structure within 10 years of planting 
    5. Since the "Tri Mountain" Guidelines were only promulgated in late 2013, many sites in the Diamond A Ranch Estates may not fully comply with them. However, every effort should be made to adhere to these guidelines to avoid possible problems with Sonoma County agencies.