Email Systems
The Diamond A Neighborhood Association sponsors two types of email communication systems: [1] The diamond-a-poa Google Group, and [2] General email accounts (both Outlook and Gmail) for all Diamond A residents.

diamond-a-poa Google Group

This allows members of DANA to share information about what is going on in Diamond A. Membership in the group is voluntary. 

To join this Group, or learn more about it, contact:
Tom Jones
(707) 695-5712

General email Accounts for Diamond A

These accounts allow the managers of various Diamond A organizations to broadcast email messages to appropriate subsets of Diamond A people. Everyone in Diamond A, whose email address is in our directory, is included as a contact in these accounts.

Associated with the Contacts are several Contact Groups. Examples include:

  • Members of the Diamond A Neighborhood Association
  • Members of the Diamond A Recreation Association
Using these Groups, the manager can broadcast a particular email to the relevant group of people. 

If your email address is not in the directory, and you want to receive relevant Diamond A email messages, contact:

Tom Jones, Secretary to the Board of the Diamond A Neighborhood Association

(707) 695-5712