Email Systems
The Diamond A Neighborhood Association sponsors two email systems: [1] The diamond-a-poa Google Group, and [2] A Gmail account for all of Diamond A and associates.

diamond-a-poa Google Group

This is a group of Diamond A residents, who want to share information about what is going on in Diamond A. Membership in the Group is voluntary. If a member of the group sends an email to:
then this email goes to everyone in the group.

To join this Group, or learn more about it, contact:
Dee Young

Gmail Account for Diamond A

This is an email account that allows the management of various Diamond A organizations to broadcast email messages to appropriate subsets of Diamond A people. Everyone in Diamond A, whose email address is in our directory, is included as a contact in this Gmail Account.

Associated with the Contacts are several Contact Groups. Examples include:

  • Critical Issues
  • Members of the Diamond A Neighborhood' Association
  • Members of the Diamond A Recreation Association
Using these Groups, the management can broadcast a particular email to the relevant group of people. For example, an emergency message would be sent to the Critical Issues Group, which includes all Diamond A residents. 

If your email address is not in the directory, and you want to receive relevant Diamond A email messages, contact:
Dee Young