Rules and Regulations

Pool & Pool Area

1. THE GATE MUST REMAIN CLOSED AND LOCKED AT ALL TIMES.  It is a violation of our insurance policy to prop or leave it open.

2. A MEMBER MUST BE PRESENT WITH GUESTS AT ALL TIMES.  This applies to all facilities. Each household is allowed up to 6 guests in the pool area.

3. NO PETS are allowed in the pool area.  This is a County Health Department rule. However, animals in service to a disabled member of DARA are allowed.

4. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD.  Members and their guests swim at their own risk. Neither the Association Board nor members of the Diamond "A" Recreation Association accept responsibility for loss, injury or accidents that may occur in the pool area or on the premises.

5. Diving, running, jumping, pushing, skating, and/ or "horseplay" of any kind is not permitted in the pool area.

6. Anyone under 14 years old must be supervised by someone 18 years old or older. This is a state law.

7. Proper swim attire is required at all times.

8. Please shower prior to entering the pool to remove suntan lotion, oils, etc. Such substances will cause staining of the pool tiles and filter problems.

9. Children in diapers must wear waterproof pants.  Do not leave dirty diapers in the pool bathroom or pool area.

10. Glass of any kind (including beverage containers) should not be brought into the pool area.  If any broken glass gets into the pool, the pool must be emptied to remove it.  This is a very costly process.

11. Pool hours are 6:30 am to 10:00pm.  A security alarm arms and sounds at 10 pm.

12. Please use headphones when listening to your radio so that all guests may either enjoy their own music or the quiet of the neighborhood.

13. Each household is allowed 6 guests in the pool area and collectively no more than 10 people, including you and your household, are allowed without first making a reservation by contacting the Rec Rental Chairperson on the DARA board.

14. The pool area furniture is Rec Association property and should not be removed.

  • Return furniture to the original placement
  • Close the umbrellas so that they do not blow over or get damaged by wind.
  • Pick up any garbage, put away pool toys. 
  • Lock bathroom doors, check that the lights are turned off as well.  
  • Please pickup trash, put pool toys away.
  • Take your personal belongings with you.   

Bocci Court

1. AN ADULT MUST SUPERVISE  all children under the age of 14 ON THE COURT.

2. The Court is for playing bocce ball.  No "horseplay" or running.

3. Please return all equipment to the storage locker when your play is finished.

Tennis & Pickleball Courts

Diamond utilizes a court reservation system (see "Tennis reservations").  In order to provide access to the Diamond "A" Recreation Center courts for the largest number of players, especially during peak demand times, we ask that all players follow these guidelines:

1. AT LEAST ONE DIAMOND "A" RECREATION ASSOCIATION MEMBER  MUST BE A PLAYER ON THE COURTS AT ALL TIMES.  Only members and up to 6 guests per household are allowed to use the courts. This policy is a requirement of our liability insurance. NO EXCEPTIONS.

2. No individual may hold or use a court when others wish to play and no other court is available.

3. If all courts are in use, please yield the court after 90 minutes of play to anyone who is waiting for a court.   You should finish your current game and wave the players waiting on.

4. If all courts are in use, new players arriving may inquire of the current players when a court will be available.  You should wait until a break in play to inquire and then remain quietly by the court until it is available. If you leave after inquiring, you may not return and expect the court to be available.

5. If no one is waiting for a court then, of course, you are welcome to play as long as you like or until a court is once again reserved.

6. Please be a good sport and be considerate of your fellow players.

7. On the courts, players should wear appropriate attire (no shirtless players please) and suitable shoes.

8. Please be sure the gates are locked when you leave.

9. Please make sure to take all personal items with you when you leave.  

Cleaning & closing the Rec

  • Clean and wipe off counter tops, tables and appliances.  Supplies are under the sink. 
  • Sweep up spills on the floor. Mops and brooms are in the trash can area.
  • Empty refrigerator(s) ovens of any items you brought.
  • Fold up chairs and tables, return any that were removed from storage back to storage.
  • Dump trash into garbage cans and reline wastebaskets
  • Make sure stove/oven and heaters are off.  Lights too!
  • Lower blinds and lock doors and windows.                      
  • Empty trash cans into outside cans, and re-line wastebaskets.
  • Wipe down floors and counters if they are wet.
  • Replace toilet paper as needed.
  • Turn lights off and lock doors (the button is on the inside of the door handle)
Pool Area
  • Clean up and sweep. Hose down any sticky areas-sweeping to drain or lawn areas.
  • Return all outdoor furniture to original positions.
  • Lower umbrellas
  • Remove any signs posted along the road
  • Properly dispose of trash.
  • Put re-cycling into the blue can, trash into the gray can.
  • Empty and re-line cans near tennis courts (if used); trash cans can be left ½ full.
  • Remove any garbage/recycling items that do not fit into the DARA containers
  • Make sure all lights are off.

Updated Nov 2022