Diamond A Parcel Maps
The first file below, Assessor's Parcel Maps.pdf, is a scan of the Assessor's Parcel Maps of Diamond A. The maps cover all three parts of Diamond A: [1] The Diamond A Ranch Estates, [2] The Diamond A Ranches, and [3] The Diamond A Independents - see Home.

These Parcel Maps may not be completely current. For example, some of the parcel numbers may have been retired, and new parcel numbers may have been issued in cases of recent lot line adjustments. But, the number of inaccuracies is small. We may post completely up to date Parcel Maps in the near future.

This is a 27 page document. The first page is a map of Diamond A, which shows numbered Sections - 26 in all. For example, if your lot is in Section 15, then your Parcel Map is on page 16.  

Click on the file below to download and/or open it to your computer. Note that the file size in 25 MB, so it may take a few minutes to download.

/home/diamondaranch/About/Parcel Maps/Assessor%27s%20Parcel%20Maps.pdf Assessor's Parcel Maps.pdf  25.36 MB  11/20/2012 09:44

Recently, Tom Jones reviewed all of the parcel maps in the document above, and found that four of the Maps have been modified. The modifications were caused by either parcel consolidations or re-drawn boundaries. The links to the modified parcel maps are given below:

/home/diamondaranch/About/Parcel Maps/DA%20Parcel%20Map%202.pdf DA Parcel Map 2.pdf  220.54 KB  03/28/15 18:57

/home/diamondaranch/About/Parcel Maps/DA%20Parcel%20Map%207.pdf DA Parcel Map 7.pdf  246.23 KB  03/28/15 18:57 

/home/diamondaranch/About/Parcel Maps/DA%20Parcel%20Map%208.pdf DA Parcel Map 8.pdf  222.31 KB  03/28/15 18:57

/home/diamondaranch/About/Parcel Maps/DA%20Parcel%20Map%2015.pdf DA Parcel Map 15.pdf  102.86 KB  03/28/15 18:57