The Diamond A Mutual Water Company

The Diamond A Mutual Water Company supplies water to 190 residences located on land formerly known as the Anderson Ranch. As a mutual water company, for the Diamond A Subdivision, each lot was originally issued one share in the company, in the form of a water certificate. Six Directors, who are elected for two-year terms, govern the company.

The company operates four wells. The system’s pumping capacity is approximately two times the average usage rate during the peak summer period.  The 340,000-gallon storage capacity of the four tanks is equal to the daily average usage during the warmest summer days.

The company has installed and maintains 35 class A fire hydrants and 2 class B fire hydrants. A 50,000-gallon fire fighting reserve is maintained at all times.

Water quality is tested once a week in accordance with California state law. Special testing is ongoing for tests required by the State of California. In April, an Annual Report is required and submitted to the State of California. Annually In July, a Consumer Confidence Report is required and submitted to resident members and to the State of California.

Water rates, which are set on a graduated usage scale, are lower than the rates of surrounding areas.
The quarterly rates, per thousand gallons, as of 4/1/2023 are:

                $7.50 for the first 0 to 50,000 gallons
                $10.00 for the next 50,000 to 100,000 gallons
                $15.00 for the next 100,000 + gallons

The company charges a $720 Capital Fee per year to pay for system maintenance and  improvements.  This is billed at $180 per quarter.