Noise Reduction Guidelines



Objective:  Noise Reduction Guidelines below have been developed by several members of Diamond A, suggesting that if we all use common courtesy to reduce unusually loud noises in Diamond A, we can improve and preserve our great rural environment. As you are aware, sound travels widely in our community, and can be heard by neighbors even at some distance. Please review the suggested guidelines and consider them in the applicable situations. Since there is no central noise enforcement authority in Diamond A, we are at the mercy of each other’s actions.

Background: There are a number of events and activities that may intrude upon the lives of neighbors.

               They include:

·        Early hour (before 8 a.m.) or late hour (after 6 p.m. on most days) movements of heavy equipment on the roads to/from a project site;

·        Jackhammering or the like during a major remodel/new construction;     

·        Yardwork on property, e.g., weed whacking, garden tractor use, chain saws or chippers used during tree trimming or removal, and power blowers; 

·        Controllable animal noises (e.g., dog barking, exotic bird and some farm animal sounds).

Effective Approaches to Use with Neighbors:

·        Many of our community members have initiated communications with their neighbors in close proximity, to give them a heads-up on an upcoming major remodeling/renovation or similar project.  At that time, they have also offered to be advised by the neighbors of any related concerns or issues that arise as a result of the project.

·        If you have a problem relative to noise emanating from a specific neighbor’s property, contact that person directly, objectively state your issue, and ask for that person’s cooperation.

Diamond A Home/Property Noise Reduction Suggested Guidelines

The suggested guidelines listed below apply to owners doing their own work on their property, as well as to contractors/laborers employed by an owner. Please communicate the guidelines at the beginning of a major project (interior or exterior) to any outside personnel employed, and request that the guidelines be followed. Many situations can cause intrusive noise levels; these guidelines may not prevent all noise issues, but could mitigate many:

                        Project work hours (including the movement of heavy equipment/trucks on our roads):

Monday through Saturday:   8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

               Whenever possible, the loudest/most disruptive work should be scheduled on


Sundays & Major National Holidays:  

Please schedule interior or exterior work to avoid intrusively noisy work on these days.

If you feel an exception is necessary, please discuss it with your nearby neighbors.

                        Pet Noise Reduction Guidelines:

·        Easily excitable pets should not be left unattended outside at any time, especially during the summer months when many people have their windows open. This excludes animals that are too large to be kept indoors.

·        Continuously barking dogs should be brought inside, or quieted in some other manner.

 Personal Party Noise Abatement Guidelines:

·        Please contact your neighbors in advance as an FYI if you are planning a large affair involving a number of guests.

·        Private events held outdoors should begin after 8 a.m. and conclude by 10:00 p.m., if at all possible.

·        Owners should heed and respect neighbors’ concerns about exceptionally loud noise emanating from their properties any time of day or night, regardless of who is creating the noise. To harmonize with the Sonoma County General Plan section regarding noise , amplification of either voice or music at an average level greater than 50 decibels over a 30 minute period should be avoided unless it originates from an event at the Diamond A Recreation Center.