Renting the Recreation Center Facility


The Diamond A Rec Center is a private club for the use of its members.  It was established as a means of creating a sense of community among families living in the Diamond A area, and to create opportunities for member families to socialize together by planning specific social events throughout the year.
A Member of the Diamond A Recreation Association can reserve the facility for private parties or social events, pursuant to the fee schedule and rules summarized below.  Outside organizations (i.e., those not directly associated with Diamond A) may also rent the facility once per month and subject to the same fee schedule and rules summarized below.  All rental requests must be approved in advance by the Rec Board.

The rental fee is waived for associations directly associated with the Diamond A Community (Diamond A Neighborhood Association, Trailblazers, Emergency Preparedness Committee, Diamond A Water Board, and Architectural Review Board) for the purposes of their regular Board meetings and other meetings of general relevance to the Diamond A community.

Fee Schedule

# People
Rental Fee
+ Cleaning Fee*

Members + Guests<26$150.00$200

Members + Guests26-50$275.00$200

Members + Guests51-100

Members + Guests101>

* The non-refundable cleaning fee includes a usage charge to defray the Center's operating costs.

** The damage deposit is refundable and will be returned after the event, provided that there has been no damage to the facility or its contents.  You will be billed for any damage in excess of $200.

Brief Summary of Rules

Such rentals have some rules and regulations.  Below is a summary:
  • The sponsoring Member must be present during the entire event.
  • Liability insurance is required for most parties and events, and must be provided by the SPONSORING MEMBER.
  • The sponsoring member  must clean up after the party in order to get back their $200 damage deposit.
  • During the party, the Recreation Center is still open to all members.
  • The sponsoring member is responsible for supervising the behavior of the party participants.
  • No person under 21 years old is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during the party.
  • Any member wishing to bring 10 or more people to the pool as guests must provide at least three days advanced notice by contacting the Calendar Chairman, Janet Nusbaum.
  • Pool rules must be followed.
  • One tennis court can be reserved for the party.  Tennis shoes are required.

Contact for Rentals

    John Quinn
    19292 Spring Drive
    Sonoma, CA  95476

Rental Agreement

The rental application, contract, and detailed policies can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. This is a link to a pdf document that you can download to your computer.