The Diamond A Trailblazers has been an independent group made up of residents that have a common goal to repair, maintain, develop and preserve the equestrian easements that run throughout Diamond A. A lot of work and organization goes into keeping the trails preserved.

In prior years, (generally in May and after the grasses have peaked), a notice has been sent to the entire community asking for trail donations. The funds have been used to cut the grasses on the existing trails, remove fallen trees and repair bridges, trail markers, etc. This procedure benefits all residents in that it creates fire breaks, maintains wildlife corridors and improves the trail system.

In prior years, under the September full moon, the group invited those that had contributed to the effort, to a Barn Party. The remaining proceeds have been shared with all in a celebration and thanks to the community for making it all possible. Please enjoy articles (see below)written by some of the residents that have experienced the riding trails.

Diamond A Trails

"Riding over Diamond A trails has always been an adventure. The trails were laid out when the property lines were developed. We rode with our family on these un-groomed easements, happy to get off the roads and to know we were not trespassing. It was always fun to follow the wild life that used these same trails. Our kids really learned a lot about the flora found as they rode.

Early in the 70 & 80’s, we also rode through the hills to the east. This area was mostly owned by a bank. It was only a matter of time before it was to be developed. So we rode there often. We did have to check the hunting season dates to make sure we weren’t out there at the wrong time. One time we were there during hunting season but didn’t discover that until we were in the middle of the canyon. We put the horses in a fast trot and talked loudly so that we would be noticed.

In late spring, a group of us would ride up and over those hills and down to the Jack London Ranch on the State Hospital property. We would bring a picnic lunch to enjoy while resting and then ride up and over those hills back home again. Being that we knew our riding in those hills would soon be limited due to eventual development, we really appreciated it. On our rides we would see wild pigs & piglets, grey foxes, hawks, a bobcat or two, and lots of deer. Sometimes even a rattle snake plus all kinds of birds. We had to be careful of poison oak & nettle as we enjoyed all those varieties of oaks, madrones, and maple trees. The wild flowers were here and there in the woodlands. The open hillsides and fields could be very colorful especially when the lupine was in bloom.

We tried maintaining the trail system ourselves in Diamond A, but soon found it to be financially and physically difficult. We needed help to start properly grooming these easements. We sent out a letter to all property owners in the late 1980s asking for a little financial help, and our community came through. As the years have gone by, we have been able to maintain one of the best private trail systems in our state or even perhaps the United States. Bridges have been built, trails have been cut on steep easements to make them passable. This has been a wonderful community effort. Our trail system is a special attraction to our home owners and prospective home buyers.

As a “thank you” to the people who donated to the trails, the first Trailblazer BBQ was held in the late 80’s at the Needham Barn and later rotated to other barns. We had to have it by the light of the September full moon, because there were no outside lights in the barn areas. These parties started with about 25 people attending and now we have as many as 75. Lately we have had the BBQ at the Lyon’s barn and still have it by the light of the September moon and PG & E." 

There are hours of riding and hiking on our Diamond A Trail System and we can all enjoy what we see. We see the seasons change and the wildlife along the way. 

These trails have been preserved for our future neighborhood families to enjoy. We thank our Diamond A community for looking into the future with their contributions.

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